I’m Not Ready To Die!

I’m gonna try to think of a nice way to say this. A way in which I won’t upset Taylor Belle. Because I know that she will read this, and dealing with a teenage girl is challenging enough.

That being said … OMG! I’m teaching Taylor how to drive. I’m not sure what to say that won’t hurt her feelings, but I realized tonight while she was driving that I’m not ready to die. There’s still too much that I haven’t done with my life. I haven’t even started writing a bucket list yet. Just saying.

I texted Joey because I don’t remember it being this hard when he learned to drive. I asked him if I ever even taught him how to drive or if I just handed him the keys and let him go. I’m still waiting for his response. It was eighteen years ago. Maybe he doesn’t remember either. We were both young.

I’m trying everything I can think of to successfully teach Taylor to drive. I’m pointing things out to her that she should learn while she is observing me driving. I’m using my calm voice. I’m praising her – telling her that she is doing a great job. Which she is. Until a car full of boys pass us while she is driving and hang out their windows to wave at her. And she almost runs off the road because she is distracted. Or she decides to look at the speedometer while she is driving, and almost runs off the road. Or another car comes up along side of her in the next lane, and she gets nervous and almost runs off the road. Then I’m using my really calm voice.

The truth is that Taylor is doing a good job at learning how to drive. She has figured out the basic rules. And she hasn’t actually run off the road. Not even once. She is getting more comfortable each time she drives. Maybe it’s just me who isn’t getting more comfortable. Maybe it’s me who just isn’t ready yet.

One thing is for sure. I have a little over four years before Mason is ready to start learning to drive. His only hope is that I will have forgotten what this experience is like.

I love you Taylor Belle. Go to bed.