Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One

So ….. there was this fifty-something year old menopausal woman, a twenty-eight year old woman who is addicted to meth and determined to get clean, and a hormonal, drama-filled sixteen year old girl who just got her driver’s learning permit – all living in a tiny two-story apartment in a small Texas town. Sounds kinda like the beginning of a joke. Or maybe a really bad reality tv show.

Between the three of us girls, I believe that we are feeling almost every emotion there is to feel. Pretty much on a daily basis. There have been tears. Exhaustion. Depression. Frustration. Fear. But there have also been smiles. Laughter. Love. And, most important of all, hope.

We know that we are blessed to be going through this together. That we each have the other. You should probably feel blessed that you don’t have to be here with us. Did I mention that we are living in a tiny two-story apartment? Yeah, I guess I did.

I wasn’t too thrilled when Mason decided to drive down with his daddy when he moved to Florida. It’s just for a few weeks, since school will be starting soon, but Mase is only eleven. I knew that I would miss him and his smiling face. He is the only person in our family who is happy ninety-nine percent of the time, and he always loves his mama. Who wouldn’t miss a kid like that? But I had no idea what was coming. As it turns out, Mase is getting to enjoy spending time with his daddy in Florida while Christie is going through what I hope is the worst part of this withdrawal process here at the apartment. Funny how God works things. And sad that I don’t trust Him more.

I saw a penny in the parking lot while I was walking into work this morning. I smiled and picked it up and put it in my purse. I’ve never really believed in luck. But I figured it couldn’t hurt. Who knows, maybe God left it there simply to see me smile.

There are no tears here tonight. At least not for the moment. We are feeling very thankful. Blessed beyond measure. And one more night has almost passed.