They Made Me Smile

I bought flowers at the grocery store tonight while I was shopping for something to cook for dinner. I probably shouldn’t have. Money is tight right now, and every dollar counts. But they were the most beautiful bouquet of gladiolus and they were only three dollars. And they made me happy when I saw them. They made me smile. And that felt good. I decided that alone was well worth three dollars. And so I bought them, and I’m still smiling as I look at them now.

We are blessed. Everything is not perfect. Far from it. But I’m old enough to know that there will never be a time when everything is perfect. At least not on this earth. And we can’t wait until things are the way we want them to be happy. We have to be happy now. We have to purposefully look past our frustrations, our sorrows and our hurts, and see the blessings that are also there. We have to find reasons to smile.

An old friend of mine was at a rodeo in Oklahoma City recently and was involved in a roping accident. He was coming out of the box to head a steer and his horse stumbled. He landed on his head and fractured his C3 and C4 vertebrae. He was given CPR to keep him breathing and was careflighted to a hospital. He has been in ICU for over a month now, and continues to be on a breathing machine, something to keep his heart working and a feeding tube. He is an amazing man, with a wife and young son, and it is heartbreaking.

But I’m not telling you about my friend to make you sad. Quite the opposite in fact. There is a website called Caring Bridge, where people can post their loved one’s status while they are in the hospital. It is especially helpful when someone is in ICU and visitation is limited. My friend’s wife has been posting since a couple days after he was admitted to the hospital. I downloaded the app last night on my phone when I was told of his accident, and was able to quickly catch up on what has happened this last month since the tragedy.

I don’t know my friend’s wife. But after reading her posts, I wish that I did. Day after day, she has been at her husband’s side while he is fighting for his life. Each day, she has been posting news of his condition. And day after day, she has written about how they are blessed and the things she is thankful for. She has consistently focused on the good, rather then being consumed by the bad. Amazing to say the least. Absolutely amazing.

I refuse to wait to be happy. I am blessed. I want to focus on that. Even in the midst of troubles, there is always something to be thankful for. If we just look.

And so I bought flowers at the grocery store tonight. And they made me smile.