Fourth Time Will Be The Charm

They say that the third time is the charm. I’d honestly like to know who “they” are and why the things “they” say rarely turn out to be true for me. They apparently have better luck. But then, if their luck were that great, wouldn’t the first time be the charm? I believe it would.

Taylor Belle and I have decided that the fourth time is the charm. At least in this instance.

Taylor has turned sixteen, and it’s time to get her driver’s learning permit. Or so she tells me.

I’m not sure that she’s ready. I’m positive that I’m not.

We went to the Department of Public Safety this afternoon. Three times. Trip one was to get more information about how to get the permit. Trip two was after we went home to get her birth certificate, social security card and proof of residency and filled out all the forms they had given us. Trip three we were told that we also needed Taylor’s latest report card from school to show that she hadn’t missed more than eight days in the last school year. Might have been nice to know that on trip one. Or even on trip two.

And then it was 5:00. And they were closing. No learning permit for us today. But Taylor is still excited. She’s determined that the fourth time will be the charm.

And so Taylor is paying a lot of attention to cars now that she is mere hours away from actually driving a car herself. We were behind a car in a drive-thru line tonight. And Taylor suddenly got excited and said “You can have your name on your car? How cool!” I asked what she was talking about, and she pointed to the car in front of us. It was a Nissan Sentra, and above the word Sentra on the back of the car was the name Jerry’s. It was the name of the dealership where the car was purchased. Taylor thought the guy driving the car was named Jerry and he had his car personalized with his name.

Like I said – I’m not sure that she’s ready.