Don’t Shoot Me Yet!

First of all, I want to say that I love my mama. I love her dearly. She is my friend and my mama. She is precious to me. Absolutely precious.

That being said, oh … my … God!

I feel that I should go ahead and apologize to my children while I am still of somewhat sound mind. I figure that I probably have twenty good years left, but maybe less because mama has never drunk alcohol or taken drugs. Me? Well, I’m just hoping that I didn’t kill too many brain cells back in the day. Twenty years will be here in a blink of an eye.

I’ve asked my girlfriends to go ahead and just shoot me if I ever become like my mama. They readily agreed. Now I must admit that I’m kinda concerned that they agreed just a little too quickly. What the hell? What if I’m just having a bad day? Maybe I need to get some conditions to their shooting me in writing. Just in case.

Mama had a doctor’s appointment in Fort Worth today. But don’t worry. It’s not because she is sick or there is anything wrong. She had a mammogram appointment. Why she had go all the way to Fort Worth for a mammogram is beyond me. They actually have several facilities to do that in the town where we live. But Fort Worth is where she has gone for years to get her mammogram, so I figured I wouldn’t rock the boat. You gotta pick your battles.

Mama made this appointment months ago, and has reminded me every week since then that I needed to drive her to Fort Worth today. Knowing mama as I do, I left work and went by to pick up her early – allowing plenty of time to get to her appointment even if we ran out of gas, had a flat tire, ran into construction or anything else that could possibly come up on our sixty-five mile trip. That’s how she likes to roll. So that’s how we rolled.

Lucky for me, she was in the car to remind me that the speed limit was seventy, that I shouldn’t drive too close to other cars and that the left lane was for passing only. I felt like I was fifteen. By now you know how much I hate rules, so to say it was a challenge is putting it lightly. But I love my mama, was a good daughter and we arrived at her appointment safe and sound. As well as early. I got extra points for that one. She was a very happy mama. Which was nice. Really nice.

Mama and Vernon have fallen into a weekly routine that consists of going to church on Sundays, taking morning walks, picking up their prescriptions at the drug store and going to various doctor and dental appointments. Throw in daily naps and occasionally eating dinner out, and that’s pretty much their week. There has to be more to retirement. There just has to be.

I look at my mama and my daddy, and I can’t help but wonder what combination of the two of them I will be like when I am their age. And I must confess, what I see scares me sometimes. They both act so much older than their actual age of seventy-five. I know that getting older is a part of life, but who says that we have to act like we are old?

I never want to stop riding around with the top off the jeep and the wind in my hair. I want to put my feet up on the dashboard as long as I can get my old legs up there. I hope to always turn the radio up and sing along to my favorite songs, to be silly, to laugh and then laugh some more. I never want to stop enjoying life.

I’m gonna try to help my mama stop worrying all the time and enjoy her life. Maybe I’ll even get her to go for a ride in the jeep. We can listen to Elvis songs. That would make her happy – as long as I remember to drive the speed limit, not follow other cars too closely and only drive in the left lane if I’m passing. Then she would be especially happy. And life doesn’t get much better than that.

Don’t shoot me yet girls. I’ve still got some tread left on these old tires.