Fomo. You would hear that word being said quite a bit around our office if you happened to drop by. It means “fear of missing out”, but you probably already knew that. New words and phrases have usually hit their peak and are no longer cool by the time I start hearing them.

I promised LeAnn that I would give her credit in my blog for introducing the word fomo at work. I was actually kinda impressed that she had come up with it. Just another example of how she’s cooler than me. Before I started writing, I googled fomo to see if anything showed up. (Yep. I’m kinda anal like that.) And guess what? Something did. Turns out that fomo was Urban Dictionary’s urban word of the day on April 14, 2011. What the hell LeAnn? Maybe I just misunderstood. Maybe I just assumed that you had come up with fomo. So … what exactly was I supposed to give you credit for? Or are you the brains behind Urban Dictionary and are just too modest to brag about it? Heh.

There are six of us at work who suffer at times from fomo, but I believe it is probably terminal with LeAnn, Kim and I. We just can’t hardly stand to hear laughter coming from one of the offices and not be involved. Seriously. We have it that bad.

I love these girls. They are my friends. But it’s impossible for the three of us to do everything together. So Kim and LeAnn get to go to Vegas for a convention, and I have to stay and work. They even post pictures on Facebook! Fomo. Kim and I make an overnight trip to Oklahoma, and have a great time just getting away. LeAnn has to stay behind because of work. Fomo fomo. Kim is out of town with her family, so LeAnn and I go antiquing in a nearby town. We couldn’t find any antiques that we didn’t already have between the two of us, but we did have luck finding liquor, so the trip was well worth it. Fomo fomo fomo.

Fomo. Fearing of missing out. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t suffer from it occasionally. Maybe one day, when the three of us are old and no longer have work to get in the way, we will be able to do more together. But for now, a little fomo is not a bad thing. And, as you know I like to say, at least no one has died.

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  1. LeAnn
    LeAnn 5 years ago .Reply

    Okay, here’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it.

    I did not, nor did I EVER claim I invented FOMO! TAMMY! You were probably arguing with me when I was explaining how it came to fruition.

    My dear friend, Lynne, gets credit for introducing me to FOMO. She had heard the term from a college friend that she was visiting, and thought it was the perfect term for any close group of friends or family–those that cannot stand missing out on even ONE trail of laughter.

    I appreciate the credit, TAMMY! And, I love you, too.

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