Blessed Beyond Measure

Oh my God! Dandruff can lead to death? Taylor Belle was sitting beside me on the couch, reading her health book while doing her homework. And that was what she thought she read. I gave her that look that I guess mamas give their children sometimes. She said it a second time. Dandruff can lead to death? Um, I don’t think so baby girl. She looked at her book again and realized that it actually read that dandruff is dead skin cells. Ok. That seems more likely to me. I’m not quite sure where she got that dandruff leads to death. She kinda worries me some times. Heh.

I’m gonna warn you. I’m getting ready to do some bragging on my kids. You can go ahead and roll your eyes and move on to something else. That’s ok. I’m not going to apologize. Mamas are supposed to brag on their kiddos.

We had a really good night around our house recently. Taylor was invited to attend the Academic Awards Ceremony at her school. Her family was invited to go as well. So Taylor, Mason and I loaded up in the Jeep, swung by and picked up mama, and headed to the ceremony. We knew that Taylor was going to receive the A Honor Roll award because she has made straight A’s all through the year. I’m very proud of that because she has taken some hard classes. But we were pleasantly surprised when Taylor also received the Outstanding World History Student award. World history. Who would have guessed?

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Taylor Belle so happy. She was practically giddy the rest of the night. Even hugged her little brother and was nice to him. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if she could win an award every night? I sure like the effect it had on her.

And speaking of little brothers, I can’t leave out my Mason. He received the A Honor Roll award again this year. And that was while in the gifted and talented classes. He was also commended for scoring ninety-five percent on the STAAR test that everyone in fifth grade had to take.

As if that wasn’t enough, mama called me this afternoon to let me know that Mason’s picture was in today’s paper. He received the Outstanding Character Award for Responsibility from his school. And he hadn’t even mentioned it.

I am blessed beyond measure.

It seems that the world is quick to point out when we do something wrong. I believe that kids need to have someone brag on them when they do something good. And this proud mama is more than happy to do just that! Thanks for indulging me.