More Questions From Joey

Continuing on with my questions from Joey – In what ways do you think I am like you? Not like you?

Well that’s an easy one. All of your good stuff – that’s from me. All the not so good – obviously from your dad.

Seriously though, the traits I am most proud of in myself, I see in you – but amplified. I am intelligent, but you are more intelligent. Your dad is intelligent as well, so maybe the odds were in your favor on that one.

I have a caring and sympathetic heart, but I have seen your heart and the ways you have cared and helped people, and know that you are capable of feeling so much more than me.

I am good with people and they usually like me. You are better. You make a lasting impression.

I always knew I was attractive. Not beautiful by any means, but I’ve been complimented on my smile all my life. It’s probably my best physical attribute. You have a wonderful mix of both your dad and me, which makes you very handsome. Plus, you have my great smile.

We both possess loyalty to the end for those we believe we can trust, but don’t believe we can trust many. We expect loyalty in return. I am probably more forgiving of those who I feel wrong me. I’ve always been able to see both sides of a situation rather than just my side. And I’ve always known that given the same circumstances, it’s possible I could have done the same. In saying that, I realize it’s possible you are more forgiving than I know.

We are both too hard on ourselves. In fact, we seem to expect more of ourselves than we do of anyone else. Maybe that’s because we know what we are capable of. Or maybe everyone does that also and I just don’t realize.

You get your romantic side from your dad and my daddy. I have a book of poems your dad wrote me from when we were dating through sometime after you were born. I also have a book of poems my daddy wrote to my mama. I have seen poems you wrote when you were in your 20s, and hope you still let that side of you show now.

Your personality is all or nothing. You know you get that from me. I’m sorry.

Jealousy is from your dad and my daddy. It’s not that I don’t feel jealous sometimes, but I have seen the destruction it can do and I refuse to allow it to grow. A tiny bit of jealousy is kind of sweet. Anything beyond that I run.

Patience has never been my strong suit, as they say. Although I have seen some improvement with age. You get your lack of patience from me. I’m sorry about that one too.

Both your dad and my daddy passed their temper down to you. I’m slower to anger. But you are like me in that once angered, we still care enough about people to watch our words. Or at least we try to. Once spoken, words can never be taken back. It’s sad how we remember the bad, but forget the kind word spoken.

I know you think you get your control issues from me, but that’s all your dad. It’s not that I want to control people, I simply don’t want people to try to control me. Or maybe I’m just trying to fool myself when I say that. I hope not.

Neither you nor I work well with those in authority, and we both absolutely hate rules. That has caused each of us a lot of grief over the years, but I really don’t see that changing.

I have always thought I could do anything I set my mind to in my life. I know that you can do more in your life than I ever dreamed of for myself. You already have.

There is nothing you could ever do that would make me love you more. And nothing you could do – absolutely nothing – that would make me love you less. My love for you is truly unconditional. You are precious to me.

You are all that’s good in me – amplified.