Slumber Party

Taylor Belle has a few of her girlfriends over to spend the night as part of what has turned out to be her week-long birthday celebration. She is really excited. In fact, they are all excited and acting like little girls rather than the sixteen year olds that they are. I understand though. Even at my age, I would love to have a slumber party with my girlfriends. And knowing them as I do, I feel sure they would agree.

Taylor asked for a birthday cake that looks like a brain. Yeah, like a brain. Kind of takes the sweet right out of sweet sixteen doesn’t it. But it’s her birthday, so I have a triple chocolate cake in the oven. Should be an adventure to decorate. Even more fun to eat.

Once the cake has finished baking, I’m taking all the girls (and Mason) to see the new movie Star Trek. Taylor has been looking forward to this ever since the movie trailer first came out months ago. She’s not much into romantic comedies or chick flicks, but she’ll take a good sci fi movie any day of the week. Her big brother Joey had more influence over her in that regard than I think he realizes. I’m not sure the other girls are quite as excited as Taylor to see the movie. But I understand that there may be boys there, so they are apparently happy with that.

Taylor wasn’t too thrilled when I told her that Mason and I were going to the movies with the girls. She would have preferred that I just drop them off and pick them up when it was over. No such luck. I told her that we would just act like we didn’t know them and sit away from them. She agreed with that since I’m the one buying them popcorn and drinks. I thought it was a fair compromise.

The girls are holed up in Taylor’s bedroom right now. Probably to escape from Mason. Because he absolutely loves Taylor’s friends. And he is excited too and can barely contain himself. And who wants their little brother bothering their friends.

Sweet sixteen. It should be an interesting night.