Being A Goober

Taylor Belle came down the stairs, ready to go, and asked if she looked ok. I glanced over at her and said yes. She looked nice. And then, I looked again. She was dressed like me. Almost exactly like me. In fact, I went on to notice that not only was she dressed like me, she was actually wearing my clothes. Imagine that. This girl who seemingly thinks I’m a goober most of the time. Dressed like me.

I seem to embarrass Taylor a lot. I don’t do it on purpose. But that actually makes it worse. I embarrass her without even trying.

Taylor has just turned sixteen, and we are different in many ways. She’s really digging Stephen King books and movies right now. She loves horror stories. Me, not so much. Taylor is kinda quiet and shy around people she doesn’t know. I don’t think quiet or shy would ever be adjectives used to describe me. By anyone. You can tell where Taylor has been in the house by the trail of her stuff left behind. I like to have everything in the place where it belongs. Taylor is a stickler for rules. She won’t even cross a street if the sign is flashing don’t walk. I know this because I tried to convince her to do it. It didn’t work. Me? I don’t think that rules apply to me. Taylor likes to eat healthy. Twinkies and Doritos are my favorite snack. Probably not so healthy.

And so I look at this baby girl of mine and try to see some sign of me. I try to see anything about her that is like me. And I’m beginning to notice some things.

Taylor is an artist. She is very creative. I’m not an artist, but used to love to draw and paint. She’s a better version of what I used to be.

Taylor is a writer. She asked me to read a book report that she had written for school the other day. As I was reading it, I couldn’t help but smile as I quickly realized that she writes very much like me. Only better. I have no doubt that she will have a novel published one day.

Taylor is very smart. She is on the A Honor Roll, was recently inducted into the Spanish Honors Society, and won the award for Outstanding Biology Student. She gets her intelligence from me. Heh.

And now she is starting to wear my clothes. In her own style. My Taylor Belle is turning out to be at least a little bit like me. And that’s nice. Makes this mama proud. Let’s just hope she doesn’t get much of my bad stuff.