Good Thing They Love Me

Some of my friends at work say that I argue with everything they say. Well, actually, I guess they all say that. And I would disagree, but then they would say that I’m arguing with them.

But I disagree anyway. Heh.

I tried to explain to my friends that I am not arguing. That I am merely trying to show them that there is another way to look at something or another way to do something or simply another way. They thought that I was making a joke. I wasn’t. But I wasn’t arguing either. At least I wasn’t intending to be.

They have been saying this about me for a quite a while now. Probably as long as they have known me. And it bothers me. It kinda makes me feel bad. I don’t want to be a person always known for arguing. Sometimes my friends have to be able to say black without me saying white. And I sure don’t think that I am always right. Far from it.

So a while back, I told Joey what my friends had said, and asked him if he thought that I argued a lot. He said no. Not at all. And that should have made me feel better. Joey is a very intelligent man, and he can be brutally honest when he wants to be. Plus, he knows me really well. Has known me all of his life. He would certainly know if I argued. Right? The only problem with that is that he is just like me. He also tries to show people there are other options. So probably not the best person to ask about arguing.

I love my friends. And, thankfully, I know they love me. In spite of my arguing. Maybe with age I will gain wisdom and learn to just keep my mouth shut. Keep my opinions to myself kinda thing. That might be nice. Although a little boring. And at my age, it’s not looking very likely. But I guess one can hope.

At the end of the day, when all is said and done, no one has died. I sure won’t argue about that. At least, not tonight anyway.

4 Responses to "Good Thing They Love Me"

  1. Kim miller
    Kim miller 5 years ago .Reply

    I’m sure not going to argue the fact that you argue. I still love you. Oh how I adore a good debate 😉

  2. Kim miller
    Kim miller 5 years ago .Reply

    My comment is waiting moderation??? See you always have to have the last say!! 😉

    • Tammy
      Tammy 5 years ago .Reply

      Wouldn’t it be so beautiful if it was this way at work? Nope, your comment is not approved G! 😉

  3. LeAnn
    LeAnn 5 years ago .Reply

    We do love you. Period. For the record, the arguing that your friends refer to is never mean spirited, and you have it right–you are usually offering a better solution. But, it’s still arguing 🙂

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