Don’t Judge Me On This One

I had a little Jeep Wrangler when I owned Mama’s Dessert Kitchen. It was painted with zebra stripes, and had pink and lime green Mama’s Dessert Kitchen signs on the doors. It was really cute. My girls and I made all our deliveries and ran our errands in it, and it was great for advertising my place. It was probably one of a kind. I loved that Jeep.

I bought a new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon about five years ago when they first came out with the four-door version. A couple of guys from a dealership in College Station drove it up to me, and I loved it. Absolutely loved it. It was the only one in town, and I liked that. It’s kinda nice to have something different than everyone else sometimes. And this was one of those times.

It didn’t take but a few months before I started noticing other people with the same kind of Jeep. But at least there was still no one else with a black Jeep Rubicon, so it was still good. Fast forward a few years, and you now see them all over town. Kinda takes some of the fun out of it.

Taylor Belle and I went to Fort Worth yesterday for her birthday. I have never seen so many black four-door Jeep Wranglers in my life. What, did they run a sale on them or something? They were absolutely everywhere we went yesterday.

I haven’t told you about the man who broke my heart. I’m not sure if I will be able to. Time will tell. I’m still picking up the pieces right now. But he lives in Fort Worth. He drives in Fort Worth. Yesterday, as I was noticing all the blasted black four-door Jeeps on the road, a thought hit me. He would have to be noticing them as well. And a black four-door Jeep would have to bring me to his mind. And how he screwed up. And as pathetic as I know it sounds, I kinda like that. Maybe it’s not so bad after all. At least no one has died.