Ping Me

Ping me tomorrow and we can talk about it. The first time Joey texted that to me, I thought he had just made a typo or his phone was autocorrecting. That was a couple of months ago. And he keeps texting me to ping him. The other day, I finally asked him what “ping” him means. He said it meant to either call or text. I could almost hear him saying “duh mom”. Ok. Who came up with a new word without letting me know? Thankfully, I have Joey to help keep me up to date.

It not’s the first time my lack of urban hipness has been exposed. There have been more times than I’d like to admit that I’ve had to go to Urban Dictionary to figure out what someone was trying to communicate to me. Sometime last year, Joey wrote “FML” on his Facebook page. I thought maybe it meant fuck me laughing, but that didn’t make much sense, especially when I read the comments on his post. So I looked it up. Well now. That was kinda worrisome. What mama wants her child writing fuck my life? Luckily, he didn’t really mean it – was just having a bad day. Wtf? Don’t be scaring your mama like that. Heh. (Taylor Belle and Mason, if you’re reading this, it’s still not ok to cuss.)

I can honestly say that I have never heard my mama curse. She used to think you would go to hell for that. Now she understands that God is merciful and we have grace. But she still doesn’t cuss. And I’m glad because mamas aren’t supposed to cuss. The word I remember her saying all my life was “foot”. “Well foot” she would say when something bad happened. Seems odd, but that was her curse word. I have no idea where she got that word, but I say it sometimes myself. Somehow, it seems to sound better than actually cursing.

When I was a teenager, our word was “neat”. Now my kids say “freaking awesome”. Makes neat seem kinda drab. We also called people “squirrel” or described someone as “squirrely” if we didn’t like them or thought they were nerdy. It didn’t seem weird at the time. Now being nerdy is apparently a good thing. In fact, I have a couple of nerds of my own in my house. And it’s freaking awesome.

Ping me. Do me a solid. True that. Word. Lol. I often wonder who was the first person to say some of these things, and how it spread and caught on with the masses. I even go so far as to think I should come up with a new word or phrase and try to get it into circulation. But then I realize, ain’t nobody got no time for that!