Summer Fever

I thought it was Friday all day. It’s not. It’s Thursday. And I don’t mean I found myself thinking it was Friday once or twice. It happened all through the day. I would remind myself that it is only Thursday, but then would turn right around and have it happen again. By the end of the day, I think my friends were starting to question my mental state. Actually, I was kinda starting to question it myself. Maybe it was just wishful thinking. More likely, it is summer fever.

Working on a college campus, it’s hard to not be exposed to summer fever. It’s very contagious and ridiculously hard to fight off. I’m pretty sure that’s what I have.

The semester has just ended and all the students are finishing up their finals. Graduation is on Saturday. There is excitement in the air. Everyone seems to be going somewhere – either home for the summer, on a trip or off to start a new life. The sky is the limit. And you can feel that tingle all around.

Makes me want to take the top off my jeep, load up my friends and just go. Go somewhere. Go anywhere.

Don’t you love summer fever? I wonder if I can get a doctor’s note for that.