My Super Power Would Not Be Invisible!

So I’ve noticed that I write a lot about my kids. And my parents. And a few other random things. Mainly about my kids though. And I appreciate you indulging me and cheering me on. Really appreciate it. But if I were you, I would probably be wondering why I never write about a man in my life. Or, maybe, I would wonder where is a man in this woman’s life?

Well, actually, that’s kinda what I have been wondering myself. Where is the man in my life? I haven’t seen one around here for quite some time. And I’m starting to have mixed emotions about it.

There’s something about music that I love. That I guess most everyone loves. Sometimes, it can lift my mood. Sometimes, not so much. Lately, I’ve started noticing that almost all the songs being played are about love. Either falling in love, being in love or falling out of love. And that’s all good I guess. Until you are alone. And then it can suck. It can suck a really big one.

It’s not that I think I need a man in my life to complete me. Or to be happy. I don’t. I have my children. I have family. I have friends. I am blessed.

But there are times lately that I am starting to feel invisible to the opposite sex. And I’m not sure that I like that. In fact, I don’t think I like it at all.

I was visiting Joey and his girlfriend in Miami not too long ago, and we were walking down a crowded restaurant and shopping avenue. Actually, I was walking behind the two of them. And it was very interesting. Joey and Vero are both good looking. They both have the kind of looks that catch your attention. As we walked, I noticed women looking at Joey and men looking at Vero. It seemed like everyone looked at one or the other of them. I also noticed men looking at Joey, which was a rather odd experience for this mama, but we were in Miami and that’s another story. What I didn’t notice, however, was anyone looking at me. In fact, I didn’t see anyone even give me a second glance. Not one person. Nada. See what I mean about feeling invisible? When did this happen?

The truth is that I’m not going to settle just to not be alone. Maybe someone will come along when the time is right. And there are actually some good things about not having to worry about being in a relationship with a man. But there are also some things I miss.

So, for now, I may just have to turn off the radio for a while and think about other things. That and maybe choose my walking companions more wisely. Heh. Invisible. At least no one has died.

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