Tools and Gadgets

I love tools and gadgets. Those kinds of things that you don’t necessarily need to live, but that make life so much easier. More enjoyable.

Joey has helped me out in the electronics department. He got me an iPhone for Mother’s Day right after the first version came out. He said he didn’t know why he was getting it for me – I had never texted. But it was so easy, even this technology impaired mama could figure it out. Definitely a great gadget. When my phone had gotten to the point that the screen was so cracked I could barely read anything on it, he got me the iPhone 5. My coolness factor went up a notch. At least in my mind.

When I first started writing my blog a few weeks ago, I was typing everything on my phone. It worked, but was pretty time consuming, so Joe sent me an extra laptop he had. It’s a MacBook Air and it’s awesome. Taylor Belle and Mason are so jealous. Heh. My coolness factor went up at least a few more notches!

My real weakness though is with kitchen tools and gadgets. Having a bakery was a great excuse to buy all kinds of things. I haven’t made a cherry pie since I closed Mama’s Dessert Kitchen, but I have a handy cherry pitter tool for when the need arises. I have three different tools to cut a fresh pineapple, and a great gadget for stemming a strawberry. Then there’s the apple peeler that attaches to a kitchen counter, and two other tools that will core and slice an apple. I have an electric knife sharpener, several types of egg separators, more measuring cups than you could possibly find things to measure, and all kinds of juicers. Probably my favorite would be my collection of old rolling pins and flour sifters, but I’m also partial to the tons of cookie cutters, cake pans and icing tips in my kitchen. Did I mention that I love kitchen tools?

I found a new thing for my kitchen the other day on Amazon. It’s called a knife dock and it supposed to ”safely store, organize and protect your fine knives”. Although I’m not sure than any of my kitchen knives would be considered “fine”, counter space is an issue in my tiny kitchen. The knife dock is great because it holds all my knives and fits out of the way in a drawer.

Now I’m trying to figure out other ways to organize all my other kitchen stuff. I can’t imagine getting rid of all the great things I have collected over the years, but know there are probably new kitchen tools out there that I need. Or at least that I would want. And somehow I need to leave enough space in my kitchen to actually get in there and cook occasionally. Or so my kids tell me. And so I begin my pursuit of organization. I’ll let you know how it goes.