Rule Nazi

I don’t like rules. In fact, I could probably say that I hate rules and it would be more accurate. I simply don’t like to be told what to do. Period. It has caused lots of problems throughout my life. You’d think that I would grow up and just get over it. But I haven’t. I doubt that I will. Rebellious and hard headed. Not the best of combinations. Luckily, from what I can tell, I’ve only passed this trait on to one of my children. I’m sorry Joe. I love you babe.

I consider myself an intelligent woman, but I got in an argument with a cabbie once in Ireland. An argument. With a cab driver. He said he wasn’t going to drive to my designation until I put on a seat belt. I didn’t want to put on a seat belt and thought his rule was stupid. He said it was the law, and that he wasn’t going to move the cab until I had my seat belt on. He won the argument, but only because Joey was there and made me behave.

Now, knowing this about me, you will understand my disdain about suddenly finding myself living with the rule nazi. You’d never know it by looking at her. She comes across as a sweet young girl. I had no idea until recently that my daughter was such a stickler for rules, and it is alarming. Very alarming.

Taylor Belle is beginning to learn how to drive. And she is noticing everything I do while driving. She is questioning everything. Why didn’t you use your blinker just then when turning? Well, because the sound of the blinker is annoying and I only use it when it is really needed. Don’t you know that it’s illegal to text while driving? Yes baby girl. I know that. I just need to send one sentence. Why are you driving 86 mph when the speed limit sign says 70? Oh was I going that fast? Guess I should slow down. Is it legal to make a u-turn on this road like you just did? Well you probably shouldn’t do it, but no one was coming and I needed to turn around. Didn’t that sign say that the left lane is for passing only? Yes babe it did. Don’t you want to lay back and take a little nap and I’ll tell you when we get there?

Ummmmmm. This little shit that I gave birth to is questioning me and telling me I have to follow the rules? Seriously?

Taylor Belle googling state driving laws.

Lucky for Taylor Belle, I love her dearly and the mama in me is apparently stronger than my rebellious streak. So I play nice. I no longer text while driving because I know she learns more from my example than from what I say. And people die from texting while driving and I don’t want my baby girl taking that chance. I try harder to drive the posted speed for the same reason. I want her to be safe. I will admit that I’m not perfect, but I am trying harder to set the good example. I’m even using my blinker more when turning. But the sound still annoys me. And I still don’t like it.

I am glad that Taylor Belle follows the rules. It will probably make her life a little easier. And what mama doesn’t want that for her child? But it is definitely a new experience for me. I know it won’t kill me, but I still hate rules. The sacrifices we make for our children. I hope she remembers this when she’s grown. It’s a big one for a hardheaded, rebellious mama like me.