I Want To Be Fearless

I first noticed it the other day while in the office. There was music playing downstairs in the dining hall, and I could hear someone singing. After listening to the singing for a few minutes, I went to the rail to look down to see what was going on. There at a table was a completely average looking college girl, sitting having lunch by herself – and singing. She didn’t have a great voice, but that’s not the point. Or, maybe it is. She was sitting at a table and singing along to the music. Seeming to be completely oblivious to what anyone thought about it. I found myself smiling.

It happened again a day or so later. I was in a store shopping for groceries and noticed that I was hearing singing along with the music being played. I looked up and saw a twenty-something year old girl pushing her shopping cart and joyfully singing. Just walking down the grocery store aisle singing. I couldn’t help but smile.

Yesterday, while having lunch, everyone at our table stopped talking for a moment when a group of three college girls starting singing. They were just at their table, eating lunch, and singing. Singing. We all smiled.

I applaud these girls. I envy these girls. They appear to not care what others think about them. They appear to be fearless.

I want to be fearless. To not care what others think of me.

Maybe it’s from growing up in a small town. Maybe I was just born like this. Whatever the reason, I have to admit that I worry about what others think of me. And I don’t like it.

Fearless. Just saying the word brings such a wonderful feeling of freedom. Maybe I’m on my way to getting there. I do believe I will make it the first step of my escape plan.