Timing Can Make All The Difference

Timing Can Make All The Difference

I got in trouble last night. My daughter got on to me for using the word “bullshit” on a post. Well ….. foot (as my mama would say). I’ve only had a blog for a few days and realize that I have made a horrible mistake – I should have never let my daughter know about it!

It’s not that my children think I’m perfect. Far from it. But I try to teach my children certain things that I consider important, such as: there is a God, He created them and loves them, that they are special, to brush their teeth at least twice a day, to be polite, that there is nothing they can’t have or do if they want it bad enough, that the last Coke in the fridge is always mine, to treat others the way they want to be treated, to not gossip or judge, that there is nothing they could ever do that would make me love them more or love them less, to not go out of the house in their pajamas, and to work hard. Oh yeah – and to not cuss. Oops.

Now, realizing that my children might be reading my blog, I am thinking of all the things I planned to write about but probably shouldn’t.

For example, I was gonna write about the agreement my friend and I have. A pact of sorts. Not written in blood, but just as binding. If she ever dies suddenly, I am to destroy her phone and certain other things. And instructions are in place if I were to die unexpectedly. But I can pretty well guarantee I’d get in trouble for that one. May need to wait until my daughter is a little older to share that story.

When my oldest son was a young boy, he went to the YMCA during the days in the summer. I received a call at work one day that my son had suffered a heat stroke while at the YMCA camp and was being carried by ambulance to the hospital. I frantically rushed to the emergency room. They told me he would be fine, but it scared me half to death! Fast forward twenty years and this same son thought it would be amusing to let me in on his secret – he didn’t really have a heat stroke – he just faked it because he didn’t want to be at camp that day. I’m pretty sure that amused is not what I would have felt had I known that when it happened.

Timing can make all the difference. For now, I promise that I will likely mess up, but will try to set a good example.

This should be very interesting.