Sometimes Different Is A Good Thing

Sometimes Different Is A Good Thing

We are driving home after dinner tonight, and I am listening to Ponponpon by Kyarypanyupanyu with my youngest son, Mason. It’s one of his favorite songs and he has it downloaded on his ipod. Never heard of Ponponpon? I understand. Neither had I until recently. It’s a Japanese song – every word of it is in Japanese. I have no idea what the girl is singing in the song. I wouldn’t recommend it. Not at all. But Mason loves to hear it and sing along. It makes him happy. And so we listen and he sings. Luckily, we live in a small town, so the drive doesn’t take long.

I gave birth to Mason when I was forty years old. He is a blessing to me. His sister wanted to name him Sparkles, but I said no. I don’t think she has ever forgiven me or Mason for that.

Mason is the kind of kid who is happy ninety-nine percent of the time. He is happy being around others, but can be just as happy all by himself. He is a talker when anyone is around to listen.

Did you know that there are 647 different Pokemon? Mason does. He can tell you most of them, along with their abilities. When he starts to tell me a story, I’ve learned that I have to get him to clarify whether he’s talking about something on a game or in real life. I was very confused by our conversations before realizing that a lot of what he was telling me wasn’t involving what I would consider the real world. That was a relief.

Mason loves animals. All animals. And he can tell you all kinds of little tidbits about them. If there was an animal trivia contest, I have no doubt that he would win.

Mason also loves musical instruments. Over the years, Santa has brought him a violin, xylophone, wooden recorder, drum set, keyboard and guitar.

Mason is different. He is unique. He is absolutely wonderful. I spent years trying to get him to fit in – to be like everyone else. I thought it would make his life easier. But then I realized I was wrong. Why be like everyone else? How boring is that!

Sometimes being different is good. It is very good when it comes to my Mason.