Back in the saddle again..

Back in the saddle again.

I prayed to God. I prayed that he show me a way to earn a living while staying home with my young children. And he answered my prayer in a way I would have never dreamt possible. In a way that without a doubt could have only come from Him.

I started selling homemade desserts before I even knew how to make them. I didn’t have a clue how to bake. My mama didn’t bake. I had never worked in a bakery. Nothing in my life had prepared me to make, much less sell, desserts. And yet, I did. I sold literally hundreds of thousands of desserts. Because God answered my prayer.

I’ve only made a few desserts over the last couple of years – only when friends or family were persistent about wanting a pie or pudding. I still have a hard time driving by the old place where Mama’s Dessert Kitchen once was. Where I failed.

Someone once told me that failure is an event – not a person. I would like to believe that. This will be my therapy. My way to get back in the saddle again as they say.  I will share my recipes with you and we will do this together.  After all is said and done, no one died and life is so much better with dessert!